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Business Succession of SMBs in Japan (2)

  • As the age of business owners increases, larger number of companies expect decrease in profitability.

Impact of Ageing on Company Profit

(Source: Whitepaper on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, 2013)

  • Many companies have difficulties in selection/recruitment of successor and customer relations (after the retirement of the current business owners.)

(Source: Whitepaper on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, 2019)

  • Types of Business Succession

For those who do not have successors in their family members, either transfer of ownership or transfer of management (without transfer of ownership) are the viable options to continue business.

Smooth termination of businesses are necessary for the companies with low profitability and/or large debt.

  • Key Components of Business Succession

Since it may take up to 10 years to smoothly transfer the company management to the next generation, preparation for business succession should be considered as early as possible.


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