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Investment in Japan

Tommy Global Consulting provides business consulting services to the specific needs of foreign companies newly establishing or expanding their operations in Japan. Our consulting services cover a wide range of client needs including (1) investment strategy and business planning, (2) establishment of operations in Japan, (3) M&A, and (4) operational support and PMI

(1) Investment Strategy and Business Planning

Understanding business environment in Japan is extremely important. We provide consulting services to the specific needs of our clients, ranging from regulatory issues, competitive situation, customer requirements in a specific industry. 

(2) Establishment of Operations in Japan

We help our customer establish its operations in Japan including a wholly-owned subsidiary, branch office, representative office or joint venture with Japanese companies. With our expertise, we help our customers sort out various issues and expedite procedures associated with the establishment of business in Japan.

(3) M&A

Entering Japanese market from scratch has become difficult as the market is maturing. Japan, however, is still an attractive market with the 3rd largest economy in the world and relatively stable political environment. Aging of small and medium sized business (SMB) owners provides a great opportunity for M&A. The largest age cohort of SMB owners is 65 to 69 as of 2015, and among them approximately 50% of them do not have their successors. Acceleration of business succession through M&A is now one of the key national agenda of Japan. We provide M&A consulting services including identification of target companies, valuation, due diligence and execution of stock or asset purchase agreement.

(4) Operational Support and Post-Merger Integration(PMI)

We can help you successfully implement start-up process of new business or manage acquired business in Japan. Our consulting services cover a wide range of management activities including people management, management accounting, compliance management, public relations, customer development and operational improvement.


Personal Profile:

Tommy Nagayama


Summary Statement
- 25 years’ experience in financial planning & control, M&A and joint ventures in various countries
- 20 years’ experience in strategic planning and business development
- 12 years’ experience in human resources management in both Japanese business operations and global HR functions
- MBA awarded by one of the top business schools in Europe with distinction
- Small & Medium Enterprise Management Consultant - an official management consultant qualification certified by the Japanese Government


March 2003    University of Warwick (MBA) with distinction
March 1981    Hokkaido University (BA in Sociology)

March 2007    Small & Medium Enterprise Management Consultant certified by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)

Please refer to my blog for more information and case studies.

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